mm6There are many different ways of creating traffic for your website. One way is to work with Message Metric for call tracking and see who is really visiting and target those folks more. Another way is to make use of Google AdWords. This service enables advertisers to compete to compete when it comes to displaying brief advertising copy for web surfers or user based on keywords which are predefined by the advertisers, who will link the copy to the content of web pages displayed to users. Marketers or advertisers pay a set fee when users click on a keyword and get redirected to their websites. Host websites are paid a portion of this generated income. When you use paid ads, you should have Message Metric set you up with a call tracking number so you can tell who is coming to your practice from that ad.

Who uses it?

Web pages from Google and other partner sites make use of this system. This allows the organisation to select and display such promotional material or advertising copy on the given websites. So advertisers, web designers and marketers alike can make use of this service.

How do I make money from it?

The service offers a pay-per-click system where webpage owners or paid a set fee each time one clicks on a given keyword or advertisement. On the other hand this advertising is called cost-per-click if you are advertising a given product or service and cost-per-thousand-impressions. Furthermore, the service in includes local, national and international distribution

Where can I find the use of it?

All AdWords qualify to be shown on www.google.com. Advertisers also have the option of displaying their ads with their network of partners. Such companies like AOL search and Ask.com are known as the “search network” (Wikipedia). These engines also make use of and displays these advertising words.

The “Google display network” (Wikipedia) advertises (displays) AdWords that are not on any given search engines. These sites use services like AdSense and DoubleClick – the other of the coin.


The company also has an express version of the service. This is aimed at smaller companies. It reduces the difficulty involved in handling an ad campaign by automatically assigning key words and managing ad placement. This express version of the software even helps direct users to companies who don’t have web pages by allowing them to be directed to the customers place page (Wikipedia)


In Conclusion:

In conclusion this advertising system helps create site volume and develop hits, clicks and downloads for websites. Such words are listed on most major search engines like www.google.com, AOL Search and Ask.com. It operates on a pay-per-click and cost per-click as well as cost-per-thousand-impressions as well as making the use of advertisements and banners on a user’s website. For webpages that are not linked to these search engines AdSense is used. The company even has an express version of this service aimed at smaller businesses who have less advertising budgets and concerns. All in all this service seems to be one of the most efficient ways to advertise on the internet.